Are you sure your wine is being properly preserved?

Post date : Sep 14,2017

 “Room temperature is enough for wine preserving”


Have you ever heard someone say this before….? This is a classic wine tip that has been passed on from generation to generation whether it be a foreigner or a wine guru; people are reminded of this all the time.


There’s nothing wrong with this tip, but it’s not worth risking the taste of your beloved wine. Just think about it, the climate in Thailand is not at all suitable for preserving wine!!!


The vast majority of wine-producing countries are in Europe, the USA and Australia. All of them are situated in cold climates. Yet, for our country, we are located in a tropical climate. Just imagine, what will happen to your wines with exposure to hot temperatures?



There are so many factors that will affect the quality of a wine, such as temperature, light, humidity, odor or vibration, with the most important one being temperature; since wine will be at its best when preserved at the perfect temperature and in the right conditions. Different climates will change the taste and aromas and drinking bad tasting will certainly not be a pleasant experience for you.


That’s why the innovative Temptech wine cellar has been invented.


“Refrigerator is not enough?” 

Wine is very sensitive and could be described as a ‘living’ beverage. The cold temperature of a Refrigerator is no match for Temptech’s wine chiller when it comes to cellaring wine and preserving the quality of the wine.



We’re going to now explain why you should keep your wine in Temptech, the best quality wine cellar.





This is most significant factor for a wine’s quality. A suitable and stable temperature will provide the optimum conditions for your wine.


First and foremost, refrigerators are designed to preserve food to prevent spoilage, but the temperature in refrigerators is not suitable for any form of wine. There are only two choices available: cold or freezing; however, the temperature range is too extreme to effectively preserve wine.


Temptech wine cellar’s system is designed to maintain a stable temperature as well as to preserve wine the quality of the wine, making it both suitable for red and white wine. What’s more, Temptech wine coolers can be divided into individual wine coolers.





For cork-sealed wine, humidity is important in wine preservation. If the cork doesn’t have enough moisture, it will dry out and allow the outside air to ruin the wine. Consequently, this damages the label too. So, what do we do?


Refrigerators just lower the temperature to prevent food from spoiling, but humidity control is not included. Moisture from other food is not ideal either. In addition, the humidity level is not appropriate and causes a bad odor


If in the Temptech wine cellar, however, besides a constant temperature, it also features a built-in humidity control. The optimum moisture content for wine storage is 50-70%, so the cork seal will well-maintained and protects wine from being exposed to the outside air. Therefore, the label is still intact and preserves the value of your beloved wine.





This factor affects the maturing process. When light comes into contact with the wine inside, the maturing process will be accelerated and alter the taste of the wine.


Many people may think that a refrigerator with a wall and a solid door would be preferable, but refrigerators are exposed to light much more than you might imagine. This is because you have to open the door to check the wine, meaning that there is not only external light exposure but also the built-in fridge light bulb is activated and releases heat.


To protect your expensive wine from the outside light, Temptech comes with a UV protection coating of 3 layers of tempered glass and a built-in LED that does not in any way spoil the wine. For the Copenhagen CD180SD labeled model, there is no need to open the wine cabinet so often; you can simply see and observe it from the outside.



Smell / Odor


In addition to color and taste, the smell is another charm of the wine. It’s not a good sign if you overlook this resulting in your wine producing an unpleasant smell and the change is irreversible.


As the refrigerator is not preserving only food, the smell inside the refrigerator will combine with the wine. There is a chance that other odors creep in too. Can you imagine drinking a wine reeking of raw meat or fresh fish?


So, Temptech the quality wine cooler was designed specifically for wine storage. By using a quality charcoal air filter and wooden wine rack made from high-quality wood. No wood dyeing and chemical processes are used; this means it’s ideal for wine storage and you don’t need to worry about the smell.





Some people can detect it. Vibration affects the taste, as a important but often ignored fact in preserving wine. Even though its effects may not be immediate, when it experiences continuous vibration, it will affect the taste of the wine directly. This is due to the fact that every vibration creates unnecessary heat.


If you keep your wine in the refrigerator, motors from the rotor rotation will generate a trembling sensation; this has the same effect as shaking wine and, thus, changes the taste. This is one of the key factors that ruins the wine and turns it into fermented vinegar. If this happens, the value of the wine will be lost forever.


Compared with the Temptech wine cooler, the motors in the compressor system will produce considerably less vibration and can preserve the taste in the long run. If you have a chance to experience the Temptech quality wine chiller, you will find that the compressor is so quiet that you don’t even notice it’s there. The Temptech wine cellar is considered to be the most stable wine cooler you will find on the market.



So, when you try to compare point by point, it is definitively worth preserving your beloved or expensive wine; this is in order to maintain the best taste in the long-term or if saving it for special occasions.


“How about the price?”


In the long run, it’s not too expensive to acquire the Temptech wine cooler considering its quality and features. Temptech is a worthwhile wine chiller, reasonably priced and is recognized as a European-standard wine cellar. It is also the #1 bestselling wine cellar in Scandinavia and comes with a guaranteed warranty for wine lovers.



For wine enthusiasts who want to preserve the wine ensure the optimum taste until you wish to drink it again. Let's take a look at Temptech Elegance wine cooler that is designed for the minimal-luxury style kitchen.